Yang dilakukan pada minggu Lomba?

Beberapa tips di satu minggu menjelang lomba :

✔Kurangi load latihan
✔Do short fast exorcise
✔Fokus ke nutrisi (blend or smooth is best)
✔Do invertion everyday (googling “yoga pose invertion”)
✔Kurangi kegiatan harian atau workload
✔Caffeine’s stop 3 days before
✔Kurangi fiber food juga 3 days before
✔Hydrate (drink adequate water) everyday
✔Carb load h-1 lunch
✔Snack on dinner
✔Have a good breakfast in morning race
✔Stay positive
✔Trust your training
✔Visualize your race day, equipment, route to venue, plan your nutrition, plan your race pace, pace your self

Youll be fine

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