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Race Report Ironman 70.3 Bintan 2017

Ironman 70.3 Bintan 2017 would be my 3rd consecutive race since the inaugural event in 2015. Last year i was clocking 5 hour : 45 minute. Coming to Bintan I wasn’t doing proper training because the race is crossing with my Berlin Marathon Training (A Race Training Plan).

The Swim

The plan was just swim comfortly and by the time i am on the water my poor navigation keep me away from the buoy all the times so the swim ended up with total distance 2.193m instead of 1.900. Thank god withthe help of rodrick my techique quite improve so i am out of water happily and still in a good shape.

The Bike

My favorite and usually my strongesr leg, my plan was just a litte bit under 3hour mark, but due to a great swim, i can hold better pace and finish faster than last year although my only training was bike to work with folding bike.

The bike leg is the time to really kick-start your fuelling strategy, and it’s important to start fuelling before you feel the effects of energy depletion. It’s often easier to eat on the bike so it’s a good time to refuel. I tweak a bit of Nutrition Strategy during bike leg by eating smaller amount and more frequently every 15minutes start with one all kurma medjool – half bar – medjol – bar till the last pieces + one bottle of isotonik and one bottle of Herbalife NRG Tea for fluid and small dose of caffeine, i don’t stop and taking any bottles from water station so it save my time on the bike and ensuring enough tank for running

The Run

The Run is where i am optimistic because i already in 12 weeks training for marathon. It turns out without quality bike training the impact directly goes to my quads. 500meter running i stop and cramps, so i lay down and do stretching, then i run again and only hold for 300meters then got another cramp, i stop again and stretch, it lost my time quite a lot. After that i just do constant slow run and my legs are getting better so i can hold and add more speed to finish with confidence. My nutrition during the run rely on the waterstation, i know they have watermelon and banana, thats suit me well, i only bring one gel to take in km 12. I dont drink Cola only before km 15.

I have to thanks to my sponsors @fitnessfirst_id  @herbalifeindonesiaofficial @trekbikesindo @garmindmi @league-world @recoverysystems @allkurma @gambinocoffee @rudyprojectid @2xu_indonesia and my biggest supporter at home 😘.

Finally got my personal record 🥇 in Ironman 70.3 Bintan with split :

Total Time 5h:24m